ethnic blogger showing sweater while recording video on smartphone

5 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your UGC and How to Avoid It! (Free UGC Checklist included)

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Have you ever wondered why certain user-generated content (UGC) thrives while others fade?

Not to fear, we’re deciphering the mysteries and revealing the top five mistakes that might be harming your UGC game today.

Let’s dig in.

ethnic blogger showing sweater while recording video on smartphone
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Of course. We aren’t here to spoil your day; rather, we are here to provide you with insights and answers.

You can download our exclusive Free UGC Checklist and Starter Guide at the end of this article, so stay tuned and make sure to take notes.

Mistake #1: Long, Boring Clips

Have you ever seen a video that felt like an endless lecture?

We have all been there.

Long, unbroken video can be a big turnoff for viewers.

Variety is the key to attractive user generated content (UGC). Aim to swap sceneries every 2-5 seconds.

If you’re talking directly to the camera, use b-roll video to enhance interest and diversity.

So, what is b-roll?

This supplemental footage includes all of the shots that don’t include the principal subjects interacting with each other or talking into the camera.

It’s supplementary video that complements your core material, making it more visually appealing and interesting.

So, instead of a protracted monologue, switch things up. Keep your clips varied and engaging to keep your audience’s interest.

Mistake #2: Dead Space

Consider this: You’re viewing a video, and there’s this awkward silenceᅳthose breath gaps that make you check if your volume is still turned up.

Dead space in user-generated content can be a turnoff. To keep your audience interested, reduce pauses and eliminate unnecessary words.

Remember to keep it exciting and entertaining.

Keep a brisk pace. If you’re speaking, make every second count.

Tighten your material, eliminate needless pauses, and keep the motion going.

Mistake #3: Messy Background

Now, let’s look at a typical pitfall: a cluttered background.

Your audience sees more than just you; they see your surroundings.

A busy environment might detract from your message.

Here is the fix: Before you start rolling, make sure to clean up.

Find a visually appealing backdrop, maintain it clean, and guarantee enough lighting.

Natural light works wonders, so place film in front of a window or invest in a ring lamp.

Remember that a clean, visually pleasing background improves the overall quality of your material.

Mistake #4: Other Brands in Your Video

Moving on to another mistake: incorporating irrelevant products in your video.

Consider the following scenario: you’re generating material while wearing a conspicuous Nike emblem on your shirt. Change to something brand-neutral, or use your logo if you have one.

Check your surroundings as well.

Is there a random perfume bottle in the background? Remove it!

Before recording, always inspect your wardrobe and backdrop to ensure that your audience has a smooth, distraction-free experience.

Mistake #5: Copyrighted Music Mishaps

Error #5: Copyrighted Music Accidents

The last potential hazard is unauthorised use of music protected by copyright. Select music that is free of copyright to stay out of trouble with the law.

Being safe is preferable to being sorry!

Here’s your musical check-list: Make sure the tunes you choose won’t get you into trouble.

Numerous websites provide music that is free of royalties.

Use these tools to improve your content without being concerned about copyright violations.

Finally, avoiding these typical UGC errors will surely improve the quality of your content creation.

Remember to keep those clips engaging, clear off your background, remove any copyrighted music, and, of course, tidy up that empty area! Get our Free UGC Checklist and Starter Guide Here!

UGC Checklist and Starter Guide

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