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How to Become “That Girl” in 2023: Your Ultimate Guide

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“That girl”, who is she? Who is your “that girl”? The person you aspire to be?

Imagine walking into a room where heads turn, conversations hush and all eyes are on you. You possess an irresistible magnetism, a fusion of beauty and brains.

Doesn’t that all sound too good to be true? Well, it may be. But come on, what’s wrong with being a bit delulu? Isn’t that what makes life interesting?

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What is “that girl”? (From my POV)

Being “that girl” is not about waking up early, having aesthetically pleasing tiny portions of breakfast, it’s not about going to the gym, and working for those abs, it’s definitely not about becoming a millionaire or wearing beige and neutral tones of clothes.

For me “that girl” is someone I aspire to be, someone who is living a happy and fulfilling life, eating everything I want to eat, not just vegetables, staying healthy and fit by not going to the gym but doing something I enjoy like swimming, wearing vibrant and bold colors. Don’t get me wrong, being a millionaire sounds amazing, but, having a traveling lifestyle where I’m not stuck working all day sounds better, even if I’m not living in fancy hotels, or earning more than 10k a month.

My dream is to not make people fit a certain category of the millionaire, mature, and early bird “that girl”, but the girl they want to be, the late riser, the frosties for breakfast lover, the woman who does the job she enjoys doing, whether that be a doctor, an artist, a freelancer, or an influencer.

This blog is to help you become a better you and to romanticize your life whether you live alone in a high-rise apartment, or with three annoying sisters in a small but comfy house.

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Table of contents:

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Building a schedule

The most important thing about becoming “that girl” the person you aspire to be is building a routine.

I definitely don’t mean you should wake up at 5 am in the morning, make yourself a smoothie and go for a jog (unless it’s something you want to do). What you need to do is understand your body, when is it most active? are you a night owl? or an early bird?

For me, I’m going to be completely honest, I wake up at 10 am in the morning (since I work from home) and my most active hour is at night after 8 pm till 1 am. Now, obviously, it would be different if you have a day job, even if you wake up at 8 or 5 am it doesn’t matter. The goal here isn’t to change your work schedule or quit your job because you don’t like the timing, it is to work around that and make it so that you are productive, active, and happy with it. Like if you are tired after a day’s work then take a short nap.

Keep in mind to never nap more than 30 min, because then it’ll only make you more lethargic. You will have to force yourself for the first few days but it will get better, slowly but surely.

Remember you won’t get by with just motivation, discipline is necessary to achieve something amazing. If it was so easy to be successful and happy wouldn’t everyone be that? Of course, it’s okay to give yourself a break once in a while, but be careful laziness is the enemy of success.

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Keeping Fit and Healthy

Second, on our list is staying fit and healthy. Now you must be wondering, “How do you do that without stopping yourself from eating junk food?”

Well, you don’t have to. Not completely at least. I always have my favorite Reese’s peanut butter cups after lunch, and another small dessert after dinner. That’s my quota of junk food daily (except a few cheat days).

“But what about the main course? How do I stop eating burgers, pizzas, and cheese sandwiches which are unhealthy for me?”

Do you wanna know a secret? I had never tried an avocado before two weeks ago, and now I am having it nearly every day. Do you know why I suddenly decided to try it? Yes, exactly because of that avocado on egg and toast recipe I saw on a “that girl” post on Tiktok. It looked healthy and delicious.

So my best advice to you on this problem is to find foods that make you want to create meals from scratch and make an effort to have a healthy, balanced diet each day. Another tip is to include foods that are high in fiber, which will help curb hunger and will make you less peckish all the time.

“What about working out or physical exercises?”

Well, it’s up to you. You can transform your fitness routine into a celebration of movement. Do what you love, whether it be dancing, skating, swimming, or going to the gym. You can even blend yoga, pilates, and dance to nurture flexibility, strength, and balance.

Self-care is important

The canvas of beauty is yours to paint – embrace it with finesse, creativity, and a touch of self-love.

Woah that was poetic. Okay, so what I meant to say was, as you are starting a new journey of improving yourself, you are like a blank canvas. What are the things you can do to paint that blank canvas?

  • Skincare Alchemy: Let’s start with the base, your skincare. The path to luminous skin begins with a well-crafted skincare ritual. Embrace double cleansing, exfoliation, and serums that deliver a radiant boost. Consider indulging in facial massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and promote that youthful glow.
    • Check out my skincare article on the right after reading this one!
  • Makeup Artistry: Think of makeup as an art form that enhances your features. Experiment with bold eyeshadow palettes for artistic expression, and opt for foundation formulas that celebrate your skin’s uniqueness. Consider sustainable and cruelty-free makeup brands to align with your values. Try out new beauty trends for 2023, like:
    • Dewy Makeup
    • Siren Eyes
    • no-makeup makeup
    • Bold red lips
    • Coquette makeup
  • Hair Enchantment: Your hair tells a story; weave tales of vibrancy and health. Explore nourishing hair masks that rejuvenate your locks, and don’t shy away from embracing your natural texture. Consider switching to silk pillowcases for a luxurious touch that reduces friction and promotes hair health.
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Building up your skills and working on financial goals

The best way to become a better self is by learning new skills. Even better if they are high-income skills like copywriting, social media marketing, video editing, or entrepreneurship.

My best advice for learning new skills is to include many mediums of learning which can be video, audio, or reading books (Which is my personal favorite)

Below I have listed some of my top favorite and most recommended books, ones which I implement in my daily life and wish I had read earlier. If you decide on reading them then definitely share what you think in the comment section below, I would love to know your opinions

Mystery and its Allure

My second last tip for becoming your aspiring “that girl” is never to reveal everything about yourself, mystery is always alluring. Not only that but it is best for you to keep things to yourself at least until you achieve your goal.

For example, you plan on opening a business, and your goal is to make it big. Don’t tell anyone who is not going to be of help in achieving your goal anything.

Because when you convey the good news, 99% of people will be envious and upset that they don’t have what you have, and in my experience, when this happens, something is bound to go wrong.

The goal here is to emanate an air of intrigue, confident style, and an unwavering belief in your unique journey.


To me, this is closer to the romanticizing your life aspect of the “that girl” lifestyle. Journaling is a very helpful method of stress relief for me, I have been doing it for over two years. It helps me think clearly, and realize that I am getting better.

Sometimes when I feel like I haven’t achieved anything and that I wasted the day, I make a list of all things I did and learned that particular day which makes me realize that even a little thing like scrolling through TikTok wasn’t a waste for me since it gave me ideas and inspiration for my work.

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Being perfect isn’t the goal here

Your wardrobe is a canvas – paint it with fashion that mirrors your essence. Mix vintage pieces with contemporary staples, and don’t hesitate to experiment with bold patterns and textures.

Cultivate unwavering self-assurance by celebrating your achievements, both big and small. Embrace your flaws as part of your unique beauty and embark on challenges that expand your horizons.

Share tantalizing glimpses of your life on your blog, leaving readers intrigued and eager for more. Craft posts that unveil your journey in tantalizing snippets, encouraging them to follow along on your path of self-discovery.

Remember being perfect isn’t the goal here. It is becoming better, the goal is self-discovery, and it’s becoming your dream “that girl”.

So, we finally reach the end of this guide, and hopefully, you found it useful. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, comment below, or visit me on my social media and say “HI”, as it helps my little blog grow and helps me stay motivated to keep writing content!


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