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How to Take Advantage of the Pretty Privilege: Judging A Book By its Cover

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Ah, the allure of the Pretty Privilege —that irresistible power of first impressions, where you judge the book by its cover, and the cover just happens to look fabulous.

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As Oscar Wilde once said, “It’s only shallow people who do not judge a book by its cover.” So, let’s dive into the shallow end and learn how to ride the wave of Pretty Privilege like a pro.

So, before we start,

what even is “pretty privilege”?

It’s that unspoken advantage that beautiful people (or at least those who appear to be) have in our society. We’d love to say we’re all beyond such superficial judgments, but let’s face it – we’re not.

Humans have been sizing each other up since the dawn of time, and appearances are often the first, and sometimes only, criterion we use.

Pretty Privilege is the knack for making those judgments work in your favor.

I. How to Get Your Hands on Pretty Privilege

So, you’re itching to get your hands on this coveted privilege?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got a shopping cart full of tips and strategies just waiting for you.

Here’s how to make Pretty Privilege your trusty sidekick:

Dress for Success: Your wardrobe is your armor, and it’s all about finding your signature style. What works best on you will be yours to figure out though, these are just ideas and tips.

Light Feminine styles exude softness and grace. Think pastel colors, flowy dresses, and delicate accessories. These styles create an approachable, friendly vibe that can instantly win people over.

On the other hand, Dark Feminine styles radiate power and mystery. Opt for bold colors, edgy silhouettes, and statement pieces. These styles make you seem enigmatic and in control, leaving people intrigued.

woman wearing black leather jacket
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Here are some hairstyles to up your Pretty Privilege game; remember to wear each according to occasion:

  1. French Twist: The classic French Twist exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s like a fine piece of art, neatly structured and timelessly beautiful. This hairstyle can make you appear poised, professional, and in control.
  2. Half Updo: The Half Updo strikes a balance between casual and put-together. It exudes a friendly, approachable charm. It’s as if you’re saying, “I’m stylish, but I’m also down-to-earth and easy to talk to.”
  3. Sleek Ponytail: The sleek, high ponytail is a statement of confidence and power. It portrays a no-nonsense attitude and a willingness to take charge. This hairstyle can make you seem assertive and assertive.
  4. Beachy Waves: Beachy waves are all about relaxed, carefree charm. They convey a sense of adventure and a laid-back personality. People might perceive you as spontaneous and fun-loving.

Makeup Styles:

Remember, the key to good make-up is what suits your face! I highly recommend you check out my article on applying makeup that suits your face. It includes eyeliners depending on eye shape, blush according to your face shape, and more!

Perfume Preference:

Scents can play a vital role in Pretty Privilege. Fragrances like vanilla, with their sweet and comforting notes, can create an aura of approachability and warmth.

Subtle floral scents, like rose or jasmine, can enhance your feminine charm. Woody scents, such as sandalwood, exude sophistication and confidence. These choices can leave a lasting impression and contribute to Pretty Privilege.

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Mastering Presence: When it comes to Pretty Privilege, it’s not just about how you look; it’s about how you carry yourself. Posture and speech are the unsung heroes. Here are some detailed pointers:

  • Posture: Stand tall and straight, as it communicates confidence and attractiveness. Maintain open and welcoming body language to invite positive interactions.
  • Speech: Choose your words wisely. Be clear, concise, and articulate. A well-modulated voice and a friendly tone can work wonders. Remember, your speech can reflect your confidence and intelligence.

Ii. Making the Most of Pretty Privilege

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Now that you’ve learned the art of Pretty Privilege, it’s time to put it into action.

Here are a few real-world scenarios where your newfound allure can open doors and create opportunities.

Sealing the Deal in Interviews: In the professional world, a touch of Pretty Privilege can give you the upper hand in job interviews. Studies have shown that attractive individuals are often perceived as more competent and are more likely to be hired. Use this advantage to showcase your skills and expertise.

Building Trust in Business: Whether you’re an entrepreneur or climbing the corporate ladder, Pretty Privilege can help you establish trust. Studies suggest that attractive individuals are seen as more trustworthy. Use this to your advantage when dealing with clients, partners, or colleagues.

Influencing Social Gatherings: At parties and social events, your attractiveness can open doors to new friendships and connections. People are naturally drawn to those they find attractive. Use your charm to strike up conversations and build a network of contacts.


Research has shown that people tend to trust “pretty and put-together” individuals more readily. The Halo Effect, a cognitive bias, makes us believe that attractive people possess other positive qualities, even if we have no evidence of these traits. This unconscious bias can work to your advantage, helping you gain trust and influence.

In the world where first impressions often set the stage for our interactions, Pretty Privilege is a tool that can open doors and create opportunities.

While we’d love to believe that we’re beyond superficial judgments, the truth is that appearances matter.

Humans have an inherent tendency to be drawn to those they find attractive and put together.

The science behind it, often driven by the Halo Effect, plays a role in how people perceive you.

Take advantage of this cognitive bias to build trust, create connections, and influence those around you.



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